Wednesday, August 20, 2008

for stacie!

my friend stacie gave me this stone pendant to do something with. since stacie is an artist with fun, creative style, i decided to make a kinda funky mixed metal chain for it. the chains are sterling silver, oxidized sterling silver, and 14k gold fill.

*stacie is a painter. she runs her own business here in L.A. check out: * sjm fine art & decorative painting.

*also, we went to high school together. here we are, circa '92, in stacie's moms kitchen. she's in the middle, i'm on the right. that's my schmacks baby kelly on the left.


only1blee said...


stacie said...

wow.. did my mom take that picture? the necklace is so perfect. found that picture jasper years ago not knowing what i'd do with it but had the feeling gotta have that! we were out of touch then... guess sometimes the universe does things in mysterious ways. love the resolution. can't wait to see what else you come up with!