Friday, August 29, 2008

every girl loves a locket...

i came up on a few of these beautiful, vintage gold dipped lockets... this is the first necklace i've made: mixed metal chain, (14k gold fill and oxidized sterling silver) with a 14k gold fill wire wrapped labradorite and a 14k white gold leaf. more one of a kind locket necklaces to follow...


14k gold fill and oxidized sterling chain with 14k gold peace symbol...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

jen khoshbin exhibit

Missed or Misunderstood

New photo-inspired works by Jen Khoshbin

for Fotoseptembre

Southwest School of Arts & Crafts

Opening reception this Thursday evening, 28th


Main Ursuline Campus

300 Augusta

if you or anyone you know are in san antonio, texas, check out this show! i wish i could be there.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

i ♥ me

lourdes ciccone leon in a Love Yourself i ♥ me tee. this tee was designed by none other than my bestie luv ofer (oh-fair) moses.   ofer and mastin rock.  buy one HERE!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

lizzy is awesome

i had the pleasure of running into my buddies lizzy and joey waronker today. and good thing too, since tuesday they take off to paris for two months. joey is an awesome drummer and lizzy is an amazing artist. hopefully when she gets back she will be showing her pieces somewhere. here are a few of my favorites, but please check the rest out HERE. they are all amazing.

one random friday night...

sloppy joes, cupcakes, and donna summer at the bowl...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

breakfast for lunch

well, it's 2:45 and i'm finally having my first meal of the day. oatmeal with flax seeds, almonds and fresh strawberries. it looks glorious. had to share. yum yum yum.


my very fashionable friend brooke wants a new necklace for vegas. her two requirements are bright colors and leather. oh brooke. the materials i've decided on are hot pink fabric fringe, turquoise leather and gold chains. this should be interesting... i'll post the final result soon. in the meantime, here's brooke in the dark yet sunny bow tie. dressin it up and dressin it down...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

head gear

14k gold fill wire wrapped lapis with 14k white gold leaf and white leather ties.

14k gold fill wire wrapped labradorites with 14k gold star and black leather ties.

for stacie!

my friend stacie gave me this stone pendant to do something with. since stacie is an artist with fun, creative style, i decided to make a kinda funky mixed metal chain for it. the chains are sterling silver, oxidized sterling silver, and 14k gold fill.

*stacie is a painter. she runs her own business here in L.A. check out: * sjm fine art & decorative painting.

*also, we went to high school together. here we are, circa '92, in stacie's moms kitchen. she's in the middle, i'm on the right. that's my schmacks baby kelly on the left.

Monday, August 18, 2008

metal and leather

slip over the head, 25 inch tan leather and sterling silver necklace with african turqouise beads and 14k white gold feather. it's kind of hippie but whatevs.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

mixing metals

hand shaped 14k wire bracelet with oxidized sterling silver rolo chain running through...

wire bubble bracelets

i have been working on some stuff like this for awhile now. big, bubbly wire wrapped beads mixed with chains and 14k gold charms. (in this case vintage australian opals and a 14k gold hammered disk) if this looks ridiculously small to be a bracelet it is because i have ridiculously small wrists. i'm keeping this one too... i will be listing others soon in the shop. its sad the camera doesn't pick up the awesome colors and flash in the opals. opals rule.

sharks can have gold teeth too

its been awhile since i've made one of these... a vintage, 24k gold dipped sharks tooth hangs from sterling silver chain. i think i'm keepin' this one.

noisemaker necklace

30 inch mixed metal necklace. silver and gold fill chain with vintage silver whistle, vintage red glass heart, 14k gold fill wired wrapped labradorites, sterling silver bells, and 14k gold star dangling from 14k gold fill chain. one of a kind...

mucha, mucha, mucha

my mucha tees are on sale!

Monday, August 11, 2008


a couple of days ago i woke up with a fraction of a dream, an image of a jar of pickles on the ledge of a bathtub. kelly was like "your pregnant!". ha ha. not happy with her interpretation, i dusted off my old trusty dream dictionary and breathed a sigh of relief. this is what it said: 'Overall satisfaction with the general state of your life, love, and pursuit of happiness is forecast in a dream featuring pickles.'* Yup.

*upon hearing this, kelly felt it was important to mention that my eyes are the color of pickles.

Saturday, August 9, 2008