Friday, October 30, 2009

opal love

Oxidized sterling silver and 14k gold filed bracelet with vintage Australian opals and vintage glass heart. Available at

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

only in L.A.

With a sleeping baby in my lap, I made the mistake of turning on the t.v. The local news was starting. (you will have no problem figuring out which network) I hate the news. Usually I turn it off, but I am always amused by the female anchor. Today she is perched up on her chair, hair piled high, pound of make up and mini dress in place. (shockingly, it wasn't cleavage baring today) She has on more jewelry than me and it is clinking and clanging all over the place. She reports on the car bomb in Pakistan by saying "at least 90 people in the busy marketplace were blown to bits". A woman in her late 40s with a journalism degree uses the words "blown to bits" to describe the deaths of human beings. On the news! well... she is dressed like Paris Hilton. eww.